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The revolutionary utility and marketplace platform for taxi operators, drivers and businesses that revolve around the Australian taxi industry.

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NO.1 Platform for Taxi Drivers & Operators.

Technology is changing the world and has certainly changed the Australian taxi industry. Over the last 10 years we have seen Uber and other rideshare companies rapidly gain popularity and set the taxi industry revenue head south.

We believe efficiency is the key to growth. Taxi industry needs to adapt to changes and become more efficient with the help of technology and innovative ideas.
This is why we have designed this all in one platform for drivers and operators.

Buy and sell taxi shifts

Have the ultimate flexibility of working whenever you wish.
Search available taxi shifts in your prefered time, area and pay instantly to reserve the taxi. No more unpleasant surprise hunt for taxi and call around the bases. All done from the app.

Buy and Sell Taxi plates
Buy and sell taxi plates

Buy and sell taxi plates.

Trade taxi plates or put it up for lease. Buy and sell taxi vehicle in a digital marketplace. Get the fair and right market value for all the parties.

News and updates.

Get live news, notifications and updates to stay up to date on what's going on in your area. Stay informed of any major events or business opportunity in advance. Our expert analyzers will forecast possible surge in demand so that you can stay ahead in generating more income.

News and updates
Utility for taxi drivers

Utility for taxi drivers.

Conveniently find nearest taxi rank or essential places like toilets, car wash, service station and repair shop etc.

Live stat information.

Monitor live flight chart with a visual graph so that you can avoid those airport rank traps. Stay up to date with the ship terminals information.
Isn't it would be great if you could see live number of cars in major airport ranks? frequency of cars leaving with a fare? Yes !! we have this feature in the design.

Live stat information
Discounts and offers

Get discounts and offers.

We will partner with businesses to give our members the discounts, rewards and special privileges.


A calendar specifically designed for taxi drivers that mark all the key dates important for taxi industry.


Expression of Interest

If you think this is a great project that can benefit you and your business or just want to follow the launch progress and key dates, please feel free to fill up the form below and we will keep you informed.